Wednesday, September 15, 2010

September list being done in a hurry

It is already half over and I have made a good stab at the to do list. Mema and I will be enjoying the last part of the month in Las Vegas. We had planned on going there to attend a wedding but when Mema happened to mention the trip to another friend at work they gave us free room at their Condo which is just a block off the strip. So we decided we needed to extend our stay in "the city that never sleeps". As you can probably guess Menagerie Manor can never be left unattended so when we leave we hire a full time house sitter. We have been very fortunate finding this sitter, they love the animals and even take extra care with the greenhouse and I have never lost an orchid. I will list the jobs I have gotten done in the garden.

Iris:  Divided Siberian and Japanese clumps.

Orchids:  Spray for spider mite control.

Penstemon : Take cuttings

Raspberries : Removed the upper half of canes that produced this year.

Apples :  Picked and stored the Liberty / Emla  (Best apples for eating)

Amaryllis : Moved all bulbs into garden shed to harden them off, reduced watering and am waiting for foliage to wither so bulbs will go dormant.

Peonies : Time to transplant, use lots of compost and plant crowns 2 inches below surface

Perennials : End of the month good time to transplant before winter rains make soil too wet to work. Wait, I'll be in Vegas! It's a good thing I got that job done last year :o)


  1. Congratulations on being able to find such a responsible person to take care of your place when you go away. :)

    I hope you have a great time in Las Vegas and congratulations to the happy couple! :)

  2. Have fun on your trip! You are always so busy a vacation will be nice!

  3. Thanks Linda and Melodie,
    I would have to agree, life never seems to slow down at the Manor, so a vacation will be nice.

  4. Thanks for the Dahlia info. its always handy to have someone you can trust when you go away. I always have a problem with the greenhouse at work when I go away as no one bothers with it half the time so I come back to plants that are half dead.

  5. Rob,
    When I lived in England (Ardley near Bicester)we always dug our Dahlias as well, so nothing much of a change now. That is too bad about your greenhouse, makes going away a bit of a worry.