Sunday, May 17, 2015

This And That

Physical Therapy is going well and slowly, this old gardener is getting back into the garden where he belongs.  I have missed out seeing a few things bloom but found a bloom or two to show off. 

Bearded Iris and behind it is a dwarf kiwi vine "Issai"
The great tomato give-away went well and all the neighbors are looking forward to a healthy and happy tomato crop.  My greenhouse is once again a summer home to nothing but orchids.

MeMa's favorite floribunda rose "Europeana"

Cinco de Mayo was a blast.  MeMa and I were invited to the "Librarians" house for a big bash. We felt quite honored to be on the guest list with a few of the other neighbors, as this party in the past was attended by lesbian couples only.  I think as the many years have past they finally realize that they have become such an accepted and valuable part of neighborhood life and that we have all grown to love them both and the life they have created together.

I have three large nursery trays of giant Zinnias that I started from seed before being housebound. They really need to be planted but I am not supposed to bend forward for any length of time. The other day while shopping with MeMa I was able to get these ornamental potato vines and tray of coleus to follow me home.
Two weeks ago MeMa and her fellow Vegas Girls took pity on this old gardener and we all drove east over Mt. Hood to one of our favorite casino's.  The unusually warm weather was enjoyable as was the company.   the food was tolerable and the winnings were paltry but a fun time was had.  We do our part to support reservation life.

The Friday before Mother's Day I decided to stay home from work and pretend I was retired.  I liked it, I think MeMa is worried I liked it too much........did I mention that I liked it?  Enough said about that for now.  I talked CCL's son Randy (I don't think he likes cats) into moving this stoneware pot from the driveway to the back garden.  I had a vision.....and a big blank spot that is now filled.  If you click on the photo you will notice the bronze figure doing a face plant on its concrete base with re-bar poking up at threatening angles.  It is a "self sculpture" our son Ian created after a period of his life when bad decisions were fairly common and parents were likely to be woken from a sound sleep to come rescue an injured son and take him to the hospital in the middle the night.  We all survived and are doing wonderful.
I always worried that one of the Little Terrorists would impale themselves on this symbol of his past life, so it never had a permanent home until my "vision".  The pot stands about four feet, the danger of impaled Terrorist over and I have a great home for that beautiful canna lily that followed me home.  Thanks Randy and good luck with those cats.

In the Center Garden I decided we needed some height, so I found this four foot Italian Cypress to fit the bill. I can hardly weight till it is twenty feet tall

My usual large bed of garlic has been reduced to two small rows this year. the smaller greens in front of the garlic are Cippolini onions.

The Pot barrier is flourishing

Dwarf Buddleia new on the market and non-invasive

Mother's Day went very nicely, had a great time with both our son's and their families.  The weather was perfect, my Bar-BQ tri tip steaks were doing great until Lucy took a nasty tumble off the swing. Steaks overcooked in all the distraction.  Lucy received a goose egg lump on the back of her head and then the swing came back as swings do, giving her a nice bruise on her forehead.  The swing was removed, tears replaced with continued laughter, food eaten as though Poppi was the best chef ever.

Since we have only one Koi left I decided to block off the passageway to the second pond so that my waterlilies can get a good start and fill their containers so that the fish can't grub them out by the roots.  Once sufficiently established I can remove the barrier and allow the fish to swim the entire pond

The waterlilies making good progress. They are planted in two fifty gallon tubs.
Rhododendron's Vulcan and Fatuosum Flora Pleno on the west path to nowhere.

Golden Chain

I stopped by my parents house the other day, the house we all grew up in and went our separate ways.  I was the first to leave, my father was the last to leave.  As I stood in the empty living room and looked at the blank walls I cried tears of sadness and joy for the lives lived well that started here.  Good foundations are hard to come by, thanks Mom and Dad.

Friday, May 1, 2015

Fresh From The Greenhouse

For the last six years I have supplied the neighborhood with tomatoes, usually three or four varieties. They take up so much room in the greenhouse that I took advantage of our very early warm weather and have set them out for the taking.  There has already been quite a response and many have left for home gardens.
I sent out an e-mail yesterday alerting all that the supply was smaller this year so get them while it lasts and to please return the pots so we have plenty for next year.

I managed four varieties again this year.  Sun Sugar which is a yellow cherry that is so sweet and delicious, a so-so yellow pear, an heirloom Roma and my favorite Rutgers which has a very small seed cavity making them great for dicing so one does not get that sloppy seedy mess.