Monday, December 28, 2015


It is deffinatly winter here, the garden is in shut down mode. I have been busy winterizing everything starting with the greenhouse.
Most of the orchids have been moved into the house in order to make room for the cacti, palms and other not so hardy plants. The bubble wrap insulation is up and the heater is running at about 50 degrees.
Both of the pond filters have been cleaned and the screens are in place to catch most of the leaves.
I have installed fencing around the Bannana trees and backfilled it with leaves and redwood debris, soon I will cut the trunks of each down to the top of the fence.
I cleaned and re-hung the bird feeders.
I have dug,washed and layed to dry the canna roots for next spring

We have had record rainfall this month, along with high winds that are bringing down many large trees with catastirofic results. The ground becomes so saturated with no break in the rain to obsorbe any of it, that combined with the high winds the trees don't stand a chance. As I type this the wind is pounding against the giant Redwood at the back of the house, "stand firm oh mighty tree."