Friday, June 7, 2019

Friday Garden Favorite

Friday Garden Favorite - Rose “Apple Blossom”. Nice little rambler hybridized by Luther Burbank in 1932. While “following” MeMa and a friend around at the annual Laurelhurst neighborhood garage sales in 1999 I discovered this rose growing on a long stone wall. I was told by the homeowner that it was her mother’s favorite flower. When her mother passed from cancer her father started cuttings for each of his daughters so when it blooms they would think of their mother. They were thrilled when I asked for a cutting.

Thursday, June 6, 2019

(Belated Post) Memorial Day Outing..... In The Rain

Headed to Clatskanie in the morning to decorate MeMa’s families’ graves. It poured down rain like a cow p- - - ing on a flat rock, as MeMa’s Mom would have said. MeMa had packed a nice lunch knowing that our adventures might take us longer than anticipated. Our eldest son Nathan rode his bicycle from his home in Milwaukie to Astoria which is 102 miles, last Monday. On his return trip the next day he stopped in Clatskanie to put some flowers on his grandparents grave. Then instead of taking highway 30 back he took old highway 47 straight up Mist Mountain and down to Scappoose.

Murryhill Cemetary
I voted her winner of the wet sweatshirt contest.
So Nathan, we don't see any shoulder let alone a safe bike lane. So many blind corners. The road nevr goes down, only up and up and up.
See the elevation sign with all those bullet holes Nathan? Sasquatch doesn't carry a gun, only crazy residents from Mist out looking for bikers do.

Nathan while your frazzled parents stopped for lunch at 1400 elev. on a gravelly log truck side road, I told your mother this why parents drink.

Thursday Garden Favorite

Thursday Garden Favorite - Acanthus mollis “Grecian Pattern Plant”. In some cases this plant might be considered a bit invasive but for years I had planted dozens of different plant material under my giant Sequoiadendron only to watch it fail. I purchased one of these plants back in the 80’s, dumped it out of the nursery pot and it hit the ground hard breaking several sections of root off. I planted it at the base of the Redwood and then dug two more holes dropping the pieces of roots into those. In no time I had three plants. The flower spikes appear every other year. They give the garden a bit of a Jurassic Park look.