Friday, July 10, 2009

The New Flock

Last year we tragically lost all but one of our hens (Tillie) to a night time raid by Raccoons. I let the dogs out first thing in the morning for their romp and piddle and they all stopped at the front of the chicken yard gate. I grabbed a flashlight and went out to find old Sara Jane (seven year old Buff Orpington) laying dead in the chicken yard, I looked up on the roof and was growled at by a full grown Raccoon and another coming out of the hen house. There were several on the fence and another in the nursery that borders our yard. I stayed home that day from work because all the other hens were still missing. As daylight came I went out and found the remains of the other hens under the building which is on pier blocks. I blame myself because I neglected to shut the little exit door that I put on for the hens to come out into the chicken yard that was only fenced with a four foot open topped fence. I decided then and there that I would not get anymore hens until I built the most secure chicken yard. So May 8th of this year we opened the door to Tillie's great pleasure and safety, and we also purchased four new chicks. Tammy the silver Wyandotte, Hazel the Americana, Gigi the Barred Houdan and Ella the Buff Orpington

June 19, 2009

June 19, 2009

Three years ago I built a flagstone path with some Red creeping thyme planted between the stones. That first year it seemed to work well, the plants flourished and it took care of the big dead spot under the giant Redwood. But after a winter and come spring the plants started looking pretty bad, nothing grows well under that tree except the Grecian pattern plants (Acanthus Molli's). Well three years is enough time for this gardener to give up on an effort so I dug out all plants and stones and relayed the stones in concrete. It took most of the morning but it looks great.

June 6th 2009
My umbrella garden.....protecting possible show winners from our Portland rain.

And all that protection pays off.

Best Polyantha Spray - "Mother's Day"

This is the second year That I have entered roses in the Portland Rose Show. Last year I entered as a novice and won Best Miniature Rose in the show and got a trophy as well and a very large Ribbon. Besides the trophy win this year I received two more first place, three second and one third place ribbon this year.