Friday, September 18, 2009

Changes at the Manor

The end of August was not a good time at the Manor, It was Sunday night and I was doing some dishes. Old Otto had gone out to do potty and came back in and got into his basket after getting a cookie. I came back down into the room and noticed the lights were still on the Arbor so I opened the patio screen and went out to unplug them. When I slid the door open Otto jumped from his basket and scampered back out. I knew the only reason was because he wanted to get another cookie, I went to get him back in but Sophie came dashing out and she hadn't been out for some time so I said OK just get it done with and I went back into the house. I was inside for about ten minutes when MeMa came into the kitchen and said she had let Sophie in, I said I would go get Otto. As I came into the Sun-room I could see he was not on the patio so I went to the back garage door but he wasn't there either. I grabbed a flashlight and ran out the back door and immediately went to the Otto, so I started checking all the flower beds thinking he might have gotten disoriented and was stuck in the beds somewhere, still no Otto. I ran to the house and told MeMa to get another light and help me find him, I then turned and went back over the bridge and that is when I saw him float out from under the bridge, I grabbed him up and tried CPR but he had already been gone for some time....God Bless Otto.
A few days later I was headed to work after attending my second funeral for a friend and MeMa called in tears because she had a miss-hap with one of the canary cages that was hanging on the patio. She bumped her head on the bottom of the cage and when it dropped the bird died of shock.