Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Sand Cure For Computer Problems

Unable to do anything with my computer for about three weeks, I gave it to my father to figure out, MeMa and I headed to the beach. At 83 my father is still the first person I call when it comes to techie problems and if he can't fix it then my sister's eldest son is half human and half computer. Computer problems frustrate me to no end so a trip to the coast was a must. With the loss of our Corgi, Betty and most recently our Boston, Popeye, traveling with dogs became a singular adventure. The "Little Nazi" Sophie, who was always quite opinionated in the doggie group setting, has changed a bit. She refuses to do any bidding by MeMa and has taken to howling when I leave her sight. She has never been a good car canine and has always had to have her happy pill for any excursions. With all the nice weather we decided to stay at the beach for four days and just forget life in Portland. Packing for one small dog was a breeze, a small wicker hamper with all her necessities and her new pillow basket we just purchased for the trip. MeMa worked a half day so I got the car packed up, two hours prior to leaving I popped Sophie's happy pill into her mouth. Two hours later we were headed to the coast with a very relaxed Sophie in the back seat. We were very happy with the suite which had spacious living room that offered a commanding view of the ocean.


The first couple of hours were spent making the place home, at least for the next four days and nights. Besides our Sophie needed a couple hours to sleep off her happy pill.

We do enjoy relaxing mornings with books and coffee, but we are not the type to sit and do nothing .We enjoy the coastal weather and so as soon as our Sophie had her walking legs back on we headed for the sand. Sophie has two attributes that can make a walk difficult, the first is the fact that she is fifteen years old and the second she is one of the most stubborn dogs we have ever had. The trek to the beach is a bit long, the wind was gusting at times and there was a fine mist, at other times all things dear sweet Sophie finds disgusting. With a bit of cajoling and a bit of picking her up and carrying her we made the trek, flopped her down in the sand and just let her free to wander at her own speed.
There has never been a trip to the beach I recall that my lovely wife has not put bare feet in water. I don't know how she can stand the cold it makes my toes cramp.

I walk the entire time properly attired in both socks and shoes .........

While she runs splashing around in the surf and sand getting covered in both....and,  "No, you can't take that log home, put it down."
A palm tree would be nice but I'm not complaining
The tide pools are always teaming with life.
As I said earlier we are not the type that sit and do nothing so after a bit of shopping we headed into the neighborhood were the Connie Hansen Garden Conservancy is located. The beautifully maintained garden with its winding pathways is open to the public and survives on donations and plant sales.

 For anyone who enjoys gardens I would recommend a visit to the garden which is teaming with plants that survive our cool wet coastal climate.
 By evening we are back in the suite with a fire going and watching the sunset