Tuesday, January 17, 2017


Night time snowfall 

Like his garden this old gardener has been.........dormant, yes that is how I shall describe my absence.
I have received some very kind inquiries as to my well being, my being is doing well at this time. Having gone through a third surgery for bladder cancer, a dose of chemo when they removed the third and hopefully last tumor. This experience sort of knocked the wind out of me and found myself slowing down a bit, ignoring the gardens and greenhouse. Winter has set in and even tonight as I sit here typing snow is falling, expected to cover everything with four inches of snow that will shut us indoors for yet a while longer since the last storm that brought the whole city to a halt.

Monkey Puzzle tree covered with snow

In the morning light we soon discovered the expected four inches had grown to twelve inches of snow. After my morning cuppa the first line of duty was to refresh the frozen hummingbird feeders.
As I stepped out on the walkway the little Anna's hummingbirds scolded me for keeping them waiting. Some things never go dormant.

It's so amazing how quiet the world becomes with a blanket of snow.