Saturday, December 26, 2020

Covid Christmas

Covid Christmas was rather low key,  no big family breakfast gathering. MeMa and I had our morning cups sitting in the parlor and watching the rest of the neighborhood waking up. This is the third day after her chemo infusion so typically she is not feeling well, surprisingly it has started just the opposite.  We were up late Christmas Eve but the only one showing any tiredness was Roxy.

Just before bedtime Christmas Eve. our youngest son Ian called and asked that MeMa read "T'was the Night Before Christmas" via zoom to our two youngest granddaughters. Some traditions just have to be kept.

Earlier in the day we received these photos from our son's who had gotten their families together for gift exchange at our eldest sons home. All wore masks.

Youngest son Ian is on the left and eldest son Nathan on the right

Left to right
Taeya, Lucy holding Jupiter, Nathan, Brooklyn, Jackie, Aungelle, Adrianne, Ian and Jill

Back to the cozy parlor and Christmas morn, we prepared the house for our youngest son's family coming to open their gifts and to celebrate Lucy's birthday. Just after eating cake there was knock at the door, daughter-in-law Jill's parents came bringing MeMa and I a complete Christmas dinner including desert

Soon they all left to have their Christmas dinner out at Grandma and Grandpas house and quiet returned to Menagerie Manor. MeMa and I settled in and had an early supper. Thank you Grandma Debbie

Wednesday, December 23, 2020

Holiday Fun

 We had a very enjoyable weekend entertaining granddaughters, Taeya and Lucy. Nothing better to lift MeMa’s spirits having this sweet girl to help bake dozens of shortbread cookies. MeMa’s secret family recipe is a cherished favorite. Lucy was such a big help.

While cookies baked Taeya and MeMa played Monopoly, Lucy was the official Banker.

The weather was less than cooperative so the entire weekend was spent indoors.

We did get a small break in the rain and took the girls on a hunt for the annual Chris Willis' Santa display, which has been a fun event for the last ten years. And always in a new location with clues given over his Instagram account.

This year all the 300 + Santas had face masks on.

Roxy was a real sport posing for our Christmas card. We wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a healthier New Year.

Tuesday, December 15, 2020

Christmas Postcards and Bananas

Today we had an early start for a couple of old retired folk getting up at 07:15 leaving us enough time to dress and feed and exercise Roxy before we left the house. We made our one shopping trip to Costco which is a bulk store where we purchase a few things monthly that we cant get at our local grocers. Back home we spent the next hour trying for the perfect photo to grace our Christmas postcard. This following photo is not the one but is one of many that were taken this morning. Roxy doesn't mind being photographed but objects to the stupid hats she had to model.

After the photography session I felt Roxy deserved a walk so MeMa and I took her for a nice long walk in the cold crisp air. Being long time residents our walks are broken up with visits from friends and neighbors all wanting to know how we are faring. One gentleman that has known us for many years called out to us so while we visited Roxy laid down on the walkway giving one of those patient looks. Mr. Thompson told us that he just paid an  enormous vet bill because his little poodle ate a piece of meat that was thrown into his fenced in yard that was loaded with these nasty looking things. I just can't believe the cruelty that is some hearts.

Today, because of the weather and the fact that MeMa is having a very good day I went out into the back gardens and cleaned out so much of the fall debris that I have been ignoring. I was totally amazed by the little bananas that I cut off the three most mature hardy banana trees. Go ahead, ask me about global warming. We have had several years of the big flower heads forming but this is the first year that we have actually gotten fruit

Saturday, December 12, 2020

Break Please ?

Today was a busy day at the Manor. I have gotten quite used to doing little bits of activity and then resting as this is usually all MeMa can handle while going through chemotherapy.  Unfortunately she developed an abscess high up in the pelvic chamber,  so high that antibiotics will not work. Her surgeon said it appears to be draining and if it doesn't then she will have to have antibiotics intravenously which requires her to go into the hospital again. Meanwhile because of this situation they have postponed her chemo. So no chemo to drain her energy, she is full of it, today is a perfect example of  what I normally live with.

While having our morning coffee she put together her latest "Porch Post" for the dog walkers.

Then she had me remove the Thanksgiving chrysanthemum and fill the same pot with poinsettias. That was a good start, how about a break? Nope!

While I ran the vacuums over the floors she appeared with the silver tree that used to grace her fathers television repair shop. It looks good in our theatre room.

I could tell that this was not going to end soon so tried to help as much as I could by doing what I was told to do while keeping an eye on her. The large frame contains all the photo's of our two sons with Santa and the individual frames are all the grandchildren with Santa.

Next appeared my favorite Christmas decoration, the hand stitched cloth that MeMa made which is the perfect base for the antique Manger. A cherished gift from good friends who have both passed many years ago.

I convinced my lovely wife to take a break and have some lunch
Lunch finished, out came the Mickey Village. I just love the little streetlights that actually light up.

Then it was time to move furniture to make room for the big tree. So many boxes of ornaments that all have a special memory.