Sunday, April 14, 2019

A Little Sunshine Needed

 My seed potatoes have been chitting three weeks, another week and they are going into the ground. We will be leaving for Arizona so in they go, ready or not.
 Had to bump the heat up in the greenhouse because my seed trays are looking sparse.
I’m hoping Mother Nature will turn on the heat because the only thing showing in the dahlia beds are the blue bottles marking each tuber I planted.

Saturday, April 6, 2019

Busy Busy

It has been one of those busy weeks that makes wish you were retired.......damn it, I am!
 For the start of spring break MeMa surprised the two youngest granddaughters with tickets to the stage play, Aladdin. I stayed home with the canary.  MeMa treats each of the grandchildren to an individual night out, beginning with dinner out. An event that would enlighten that particular grandchild. Then due to the late night out, a sleepover, in the morning a hardy breakfast. Then take the excited child home for the parents to deal with.

 In the early morn we roused the sleepy headed little darlings from their slumber treated them to breakfast on the road to the lovely coastal town of Manzanita. Mom and Dad were there waiting to spend the last few days of their spring break with some fun in the sand. We had a lovely time enjoying the fresh salt air and lunch before heading back to Portland.

 The next morning we got up early and headed to the cabin, as with the heavy snow the gutters needed some repair.They are plastic and very lightweight, probably not a good product choice for a home that gets locked up and unattended for the entire winter. I have had to rehang them every spring.

 This is how I found them, either off or nearly off or twisted on their brackets.
This is one of  the brackets damaged by the snow, it is supposed to be U shaped.

I have installed new brackets, but then on either side of plastic bracket I attached metal L brackets for more stability.

Back home we busied ourselves decorating for Easter. MeMa decorates for every Holiday, but Easter is one of her favorites. I found these lovely "Fairy Primroses" at a local nursery that add a great splash of color to the front porch.
And of course spring just isn't spring without the bright cheerful yellow of my Oxlip. A fond memory of my home in England. Happy Easter my friends.