Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Harvest On The Down Low

Though most of my gardening efforts went into completing the pathways,  pruning and top dressing all of the gardens, our nearly ignored and un-planted vegetable garden did yield a few gems.

This is the first year I was able to harvest the giant garlic for roasting instead of replanting

My very favorite red onions 'Red Zepplin'

A good harvest of Hood River garlic
  I just couldn't bear seeing my parents vegetable garden go unplanted, my late mother always planted the usual tomatoes, peppers and lettuce.  I asked my father if he wouldn't mind if I used it this year and he gladly said yes, as long as I planted a tomato for him.

So here you go Dad, this tomato is for you

I planted a row and and a half of russet and German butterball potatoes

One row of sweetcorn and acorn squash

These cucumbers were such an odd surprise, called White Stallion.  I saved seeds from last year and they are loaded with little cukes.
Here is a good comparison

A very hardy row of turnips

Friday, July 18, 2014

2014, A Promise For A Better Year

 Without mincing words, last year was a shitty year...sorry but it was the worst we have had in many.  Independence day came and went, we turned the music up to help drown out all the illegal fireworks.  It seemed to work for the dogs as when we came back they all seemed like they handled it well.

"Little Terrorist #3" Lucy

Yesterday was the one year anniversary of my mother's death so MeMa made up a lovely bouquet from the garden and we took them up to pay our respects.
We both are a bit worn out. Friday we hosted a large retirement party for the"Vegas Girls" as they both retired from the School District.  MeMa made all the food and I played bartender. Prior to the party we both worked until we dropped getting the gardens looking their finest.  I am hoping that I have hauled my last load of mulch and gravel, although I am on a first name basis with the lovely young lady that works in the loading office.

We have had some record hot weather to work in so when I did any plantings they had to watered several times a day.  A couple of years ago I found a plant tree which was perfect for displaying what was left of my late mothers begonia collection.  They are thriving nicely on the front porch were they get the morning light.

Most of the work was done in the back gardens but we started at the front walk weeding and laying mulch until we ended at the very back fence.  All the work was done inside and out before the party, MeMa did a wonderful job making all the food even bravely adding two new cold dishes to the fare.  
 It all turned out fantastic and everyone had a great time regardless of the heat, the last guest leaving at 11:30pm.

MeMa and her Banana Buddy
 Everything decided to bloom early this year, probably the warm spring which will give Oregon a longer growing season.  Shame I didn't get more vegetables in the garden it would have brought an amazing harvest.

We now have eight colors of phlox
I wish they would develop a poppy that would hold it together more than a day

My historic Zimmerman Hydrangea

Dahlia 'Lindy'

Dahlia 'Kasasagi'

Dahlia 'Boogie Woogie'

MeMa's kitchen window box

The "Yuma Garden" is thriving in the heat  

MeMa's Mandevilla vine

Taeya's school sold plants for a fundraiser and the honey bees love these little drumstick allium 

I harvested my garlic from the lower bed

Tomato harvest starts with these cherries

These patty pan's are the only summer squash planted this year

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Bucket List

One thing about growing up in a military family there is a certain amount of forced idle time.  By forced I mean sitting in the back seat of the family car with ones' siblings while traveling many, many, many miles to ones' new home.  On one such occasion I decided to start a list of all the places, things and people etc. to experience, my bucket list.  This particular trip was a family vacation that would include Paris France......hmmm....what do I want to do in Paris?  I know!!  Spit off the Eiffel Tower.....Now in my defense I was a very young teen.  Paris was and is a very confusing city and we were very lost and no one in the family spoke a bit of French, but we did manage to stumble on to the Eiffel Tower, but by then my mother was such a nervous mess that as we approached she said we would not be getting out of the car so, "Take a good look" and off we drove.  Good thing there was an eraser on my pencil because I made my first check mark next to what now read, "See the Eiffel Tower".
There were a few things on my list that age and wisdom brought me to my senses and I have either altered or deleted such as fly a plane.... I am petrified of heights.  Climb Mt. Kilimanjaro.....oh... there is that heights thing again and you know....a big hill is just fine.....check.   Go Bowling....?
At dinner with friends the subject came up and I just happened to mention that I not only have never bowled but knew nothing of the game.


Loud clank of silver being dropped on the table.

"You have never?"


"Well get your calendar out because we are going for your birthday."

So that is how "Go Bowling" got checked off my bucket list.

Our usual partners in crime....Princess Jan and Brian Barlow, MeMa and birthday boy sporting our bowling shoes.

Brian was cruel enough to make an announcement (thus the cheerleaders) that I just turned 61 and this was my first time bowling.

Think that Tommy Bahama shirt makes a great bowling shirt don't you?

So guys??? What does it mean when I knock down all those white thingies???? Strike? I got two more in that game and won by one point.

This photo doesn't do it justice but MeMa had the cutest little hippity hoppity dance before plonking her ball down

The food was quite good and of course there was plenty of adult beverages.

I lost the next two games but we had a wonderful time and enjoyed the whole experience immensely.  Thank you Jan and Brian.