Wednesday, February 27, 2019

A Well Timed Gift

Todays mail delivery brought a wonderful gift that MeMa and I will cherish for many years. Joanne Noragon from Cup On The Bus contacted me through e-mail concerned with my absence from the blogging world. She also asked if we would like to receive a gift of her beautiful hand made towels. We received them in todays post and they are truly beautiful. Thank you Joanne you are very sweet and we shall cherish them. For some reason I am unable to post comments on any of the blogs I follow so I hope you Joanne reads this, I tried several times to comment but nothing.

Oh well, regardless of my computer problems life is pushing on. My 86 years young father had a knee replacement and I had been driving him to his physical therapy appointments. They call him Superman because he is so far ahead of any patient recovering from the same surgery. He is walking without “that damn cane” and he is now driving himself to his appointments. Two weeks ago we received a call that my twin brother collapsed at work and was in intensive care at the Phoenix hospital. MeMa purchased tickets for me and by the following afternoon I was walking into the hospital. I spent two weeks getting things done around my brothers house and garden. He has acute asthma and COPD. I came home to snow and ice and the sad news that a good friend of ours needed our help with her son who had been fighting a very rare form of leukemia. Unfortunately the treatment had failed and wanted to spend his last days at home surrounded by family and friends. MeMa and I were asked to be legal witness for the signing of his will. He was very weak but the job was done and three days later he had passed.
So dearest Joanne Noragon the arrival of your very beautiful gift brought joy to our day and we thank you very much.