Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Good Memories of Great Dogs

All good dogs go to heaven, of this I am sure.  There are no bad dogs, only bad owners.  Last night my twin brother called me to tell me the news that his Toby had passed.  While my brother was out, his partner had taken Toby out to his favorite spot in the back yard for a little fresh air. Upon his return he asked if Toby was still outside to which he was told, “Yes, and he is really sleeping.”  My brother went to check on him and called him with no response, so he went and tried to rouse him from his slumber.  Toby had passed quietly in his sleep, his little body still warm to the touch.
Toby was a rescue dog with a past that most could guess must not have been the most pleasant of canine lives.  Just a look at his almost hairless and scarred body made ones imagination run wild.
Toby arrives at his new forever home
He was a frightened little dog on the run that was lucky enough to be caught and handed over to the Corgi rescue.  They estimated his age as close as possible but in his condition it was just a guess.  My brother would send regular updates on his condition and it wasn’t long before Toby had put on weight and his coat had thickened and grown back, hiding all but the large jagged scar running under his left eye.  When we did manage to go for a visit down south we were met by a very well adjusted little butterball.  My brother had purchased a second Corgi, Tyler as well.
Little Tyler meets Toby for the first time

 “The Boys” as they were referred to had the best of everything.  That was all quite a few years ago and last month they lost the younger Tyler to cancer.  Toby was estimated to be twelve to fourteen when he passed.   He still wore his scar under his eye and his back legs had become paralyzed some time ago but he was the happiest little Pembroke Corgi.  And I’ll bet he was more than happy to run to his brother Tyler waiting for him on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge.  God bless Toby and God bless Tyler.
Toby and Tyler
"The Boys"

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentines Day

" Its not about what you could buy me it is all about what we do and say each and every day".  That is what you my lovely wife said when I made a fuss about not being able to buy a gift.  Yes I know things are a bit tight this month with some unexpected expenses.  And then there was that annoying little warning light on the car, oh I totally agree it should be dealt with immediately.  I could see the frustration in your eyes and  love you for not saying much when I told you about the $200.00  pump that went out on the Koi pond, and we both know that can't wait. $$$$$$$$$$ bah!

Well I went out and got you some flowers......

...........Winter Honeysuckle that I planted in 2007

I also got you some of those hand selected chocolates........

.......from the candy bag in the pantry

I got you a card.......

........its this post but my heart is still yours and always will be.

Happy Valentine's Day My Dear Love