Friday, October 30, 2020

Big Fat 0

Up early today as it is time for MeMa to start the fourth round of chemo infusions.  She will have her fifth and sixth infusions in November and December. But there has been a change as of a few days ago, her Chemo doctor is advising her to come in once a month after the December infusion  and have a monthly infusion using one drug instead of two, hopefully this approach will increase the chances of the tumors not returning. 
Halloween is usually a day that we look forward to not only because the grandkids all come first for some of MeMas clam chowder and then delight in running from house to house collecting candy from all of the neighbors. But I also once again get to dig out the Halloween record book that goes clear back to 1976, the year we purchased and moved into Menagerie Manor. Ironically this years page is the last page in the book and it looks like there is going to be a big fat "0" filling the page. 

Halloween Record Book 1976 to 2020

Each entry is a record of how many treaters, weather and any family or events that added to the evening.
Volume 2 is ready and waiting for 2021 and hopefully a year free of Covid and the threats of nightly riots that are keeping family and friends from enjoying what should be a day of family fun for kids and adults.

Earlier in the week our niece Dr. Carly came to visit with her new sweet puppy Ruby the Dalmatian. She is such a sweet little thing and thought MeMa's snuggles were the best.

The youngest granddaughters came to spend a couple of days before their MeMa had to continue Chemo and were treated to Pumpkin face cheese quesadillas for lunch, clever MeMa.

MeMa's latest "Porch Post" for the dog walkers and passerbys


Wednesday, October 21, 2020

No Holding Her Back

It has been nearly three weeks since MeMa's surgery, the nurses on the surgery floor  told me it will be a six week recovery for her. I couldn't keep the smirk off my face at that statement. I said, "You don't know my wife."  She is a very strong women I would almost lay money on three weeks. Well it has been nearly three weeks to the day,  should have put money on that one. We got up early at her insistence and headed up to the cabin because she heard that the weather on the mountain was going to dip into the low 20's and she wanted to winterize the place because we leave it for the winter. So while I packed a few things she made a lunch to take with us.  

We were surprised that all the deciduous trees still held most of their leaves so there was no need to clean rain gutters. 

All of the outdoor furniture got packed away in the garden shed. tools got washed off and stored as well. 

Chairs and picnic table moved against the cabin and covered, decking was swept of debris ready for next year's lazy summer family meals and playing board games.

Before heading off the mountain we walked Roxy around the neighboring cabins and up the road passed the swings and climbing structure that my father and a neighbor built for generations of children and grandchildren to come. MeMa took these photos of mushrooms growing on tree stumps. It was a pleasant drive and good to check on things before winter snow keeps us away. A feeling of calm comes over us both when we are there. The fresh woodsy air and the quiet that surrounds you is very fulfilling and replenishes ones soul before heading back to the rush and noise of the big city.


Monday, October 19, 2020

Escape To The Coast

For so long now we have been the picture book example of the quarantined couple, going nowhere except doctors appointments. Family and friends coming together to take care of any needs that would require exposure. We are fortunate to have Menagerie Manor to keep us busy filling our days with necessary chores and the joys of nature all around us. But MeMa has been through so much not only with Covid but especially the cancer. We were sitting having our morning coffee and chat about nothing too important and I brought up her approaching birthday and the fact that we usually spend it at the beach. So on a whim I called our favorite Motel just to see if "our" room was available. It was, so I booked it. We having been staying at the Ester Lee for years now and always book the "Crows Nest" for several reasons. It is one of the few dog friendly rooms, no smoking, it's the largest room and it is the only upper level room with its ocean view that gives one the most stunning sunsets.

When we arrived the staff had posted a birthday wish for MeMa.

We were so excited to see how Roxy would react to the ocean. In typical terrier style as soon as her feet hit the sand, excitement filled her little body and she pulled at the leash heading for the surf. She did oblige us a quick photo op.

But that done she headed for the surf.

The incoming waves just totally fascinated the little stinker and she pulled MeMa trying catch each one only to have it disappear before her.

Then it happened, she caught one or one of them caught her before MeMa could snatch her up. Roxy got a soaking and her excitement turned to panic. Not what we wanted to happen but the wave came in strong and quicker than MeMa could react.

The rest of our stay Roxy preferred the beach from this vantage point, in the comfort of our room.

The ocean side of our room is floor to ceiling windows that give one the most stunning views.

.....and the most beautiful sunsets

We had a wonderful time quarantined at the beach. It involved extra work on my part wiping down all surfaces with disinfecting wipes even though the staff took extra care in cleaning according to new rules placed on all establishments because of Covid. 

This coastal respite was just what we needed, but for some reason we were both happy to be home once again. MeMa was rewarded with a handful of raspberries off my plants. 
October and still picking berries in Oregon no less.

Sunday, October 11, 2020



After four hours in surgery and four days in hospital recovering, my lovely wife is home and doing good. This time I was allowed to stay with her day and night, helping her, feeding her, just being there for all her needs. 
 In another two weeks she will resume the chemo, but for now she is home and slowly getting back to a regular routine.