Friday, October 30, 2020

Big Fat 0

Up early today as it is time for MeMa to start the fourth round of chemo infusions.  She will have her fifth and sixth infusions in November and December. But there has been a change as of a few days ago, her Chemo doctor is advising her to come in once a month after the December infusion  and have a monthly infusion using one drug instead of two, hopefully this approach will increase the chances of the tumors not returning. 
Halloween is usually a day that we look forward to not only because the grandkids all come first for some of MeMas clam chowder and then delight in running from house to house collecting candy from all of the neighbors. But I also once again get to dig out the Halloween record book that goes clear back to 1976, the year we purchased and moved into Menagerie Manor. Ironically this years page is the last page in the book and it looks like there is going to be a big fat "0" filling the page. 

Halloween Record Book 1976 to 2020

Each entry is a record of how many treaters, weather and any family or events that added to the evening.
Volume 2 is ready and waiting for 2021 and hopefully a year free of Covid and the threats of nightly riots that are keeping family and friends from enjoying what should be a day of family fun for kids and adults.

Earlier in the week our niece Dr. Carly came to visit with her new sweet puppy Ruby the Dalmatian. She is such a sweet little thing and thought MeMa's snuggles were the best.

The youngest granddaughters came to spend a couple of days before their MeMa had to continue Chemo and were treated to Pumpkin face cheese quesadillas for lunch, clever MeMa.

MeMa's latest "Porch Post" for the dog walkers and passerbys



  1. Good luck to MeMa with the infusions and to you and America with the election.

  2. The very best wishes to MeMa, and to us in the election.

  3. Dear Doc, I am rooting for you on all fronts. Lovely, smiling grand-daughters and such a covetable Ruby, all things to help MeMa in her recovery treatment.
    Ssh, whisper it -election news sounds hopeful!

  4. I think it would still be worth adding something to this years page in the book as it's quite a special year even if for the wrong reasons. Dogs are great therapy for everyone if they let them and I think even more so for people who are suffering in some way.