Wednesday, October 21, 2020

No Holding Her Back

It has been nearly three weeks since MeMa's surgery, the nurses on the surgery floor  told me it will be a six week recovery for her. I couldn't keep the smirk off my face at that statement. I said, "You don't know my wife."  She is a very strong women I would almost lay money on three weeks. Well it has been nearly three weeks to the day,  should have put money on that one. We got up early at her insistence and headed up to the cabin because she heard that the weather on the mountain was going to dip into the low 20's and she wanted to winterize the place because we leave it for the winter. So while I packed a few things she made a lunch to take with us.  

We were surprised that all the deciduous trees still held most of their leaves so there was no need to clean rain gutters. 

All of the outdoor furniture got packed away in the garden shed. tools got washed off and stored as well. 

Chairs and picnic table moved against the cabin and covered, decking was swept of debris ready for next year's lazy summer family meals and playing board games.

Before heading off the mountain we walked Roxy around the neighboring cabins and up the road passed the swings and climbing structure that my father and a neighbor built for generations of children and grandchildren to come. MeMa took these photos of mushrooms growing on tree stumps. It was a pleasant drive and good to check on things before winter snow keeps us away. A feeling of calm comes over us both when we are there. The fresh woodsy air and the quiet that surrounds you is very fulfilling and replenishes ones soul before heading back to the rush and noise of the big city.



  1. WELL DONE, MeMa, a great recovery. Now that you've put the cabin to bed for the winter I hope you'll put yourself to bed a bit more to aid a really good outcome to your treatment. So pleased that you both had such a lovely time at the seaside for the birthday treat. We are holed up at home going nowhere!

    1. I try hard to make her rest and let me do the work, sometimes it’s a lost cause.

  2. All jobs well done. MeMa is your dynamo.

  3. So pleased to hear MeMa is doing so well. That looks a magical place.

  4. Well done all around. A cornucopia of mushrooms! Lovely