Tuesday, February 1, 2022

Cheeky Has Landed


This is Cheeky, he is 26 years old. His dad and mom passed over the rainbow bridge without him. Al and Wanda used to have the cabin across the road from the our family cabin. They used to Snowbird with my folks every winter destination Yuma Arizona.  A very content Cheeky would ride on his perch mounted to the center column between his mom and dad chattering and whistling all the way. 

When Wanda passed Al’s health was failing as well but he and Cheeky took care of each other.  Last year Al’s health started a downward spiral and when he became bedridden Cheeky would climb out of his cage and walk through the house, down the hallway to Al’s bed, climb up and sit on his towel laying on the side of Al’s pillow and keep his dad company. When I heard that Al passed I asked about Cheeky and was told that Al’s son was looking for a home for him. Twenty six years old is exceedingly old for a cockatiel and at that age they don’t adapt well to environmental changes so I called Al’s son and told him I would come get him. I drove out yesterday and Cheeky was locked up in his cage and sitting waiting for me. He really enjoyed the ride home, calmly talking to every vehicle that passed us. When we got home I set his cage on the table I set up for him right across the room from Marjie’s canary Jason. The two started talking to each other immediately, I’m hoping it was all good whatever they said. Welcome to Menagerie Manor Cheeky may you spend what time you have left enjoying life before mom and dad call you over that bridge.