Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Good Memories of Great Dogs

All good dogs go to heaven, of this I am sure.  There are no bad dogs, only bad owners.  Last night my twin brother called me to tell me the news that his Toby had passed.  While my brother was out, his partner had taken Toby out to his favorite spot in the back yard for a little fresh air. Upon his return he asked if Toby was still outside to which he was told, “Yes, and he is really sleeping.”  My brother went to check on him and called him with no response, so he went and tried to rouse him from his slumber.  Toby had passed quietly in his sleep, his little body still warm to the touch.
Toby was a rescue dog with a past that most could guess must not have been the most pleasant of canine lives.  Just a look at his almost hairless and scarred body made ones imagination run wild.
Toby arrives at his new forever home
He was a frightened little dog on the run that was lucky enough to be caught and handed over to the Corgi rescue.  They estimated his age as close as possible but in his condition it was just a guess.  My brother would send regular updates on his condition and it wasn’t long before Toby had put on weight and his coat had thickened and grown back, hiding all but the large jagged scar running under his left eye.  When we did manage to go for a visit down south we were met by a very well adjusted little butterball.  My brother had purchased a second Corgi, Tyler as well.
Little Tyler meets Toby for the first time

 “The Boys” as they were referred to had the best of everything.  That was all quite a few years ago and last month they lost the younger Tyler to cancer.  Toby was estimated to be twelve to fourteen when he passed.   He still wore his scar under his eye and his back legs had become paralyzed some time ago but he was the happiest little Pembroke Corgi.  And I’ll bet he was more than happy to run to his brother Tyler waiting for him on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge.  God bless Toby and God bless Tyler.
Toby and Tyler
"The Boys"


  1. I know that losing a dog is like losing the best friends because you know that throughout the time they spent with you they never once did you any harm or wished you I'll fortune. There aren't many people you could say that about.

  2. so sad, so sweet! thanks for sharing!

  3. And God bless your brother for giving Toby a forever home.
    Hope you are all well, Doc. ♥

  4. Thank you Ron for shareing Toby & Tylers story. We both feel so lucky to have had them both in our lives.... Even though it seems such a short life together. "The boys" are truly missed every day. I still expect to look down and see Tyler, who I allways refferd to as "the heartbeat at my feet". The minute I got up each day, he allways stayed by my side... Each night, he slept on a rug beside my bed. I miss seeing Toby & Tyler and how they would spend hours on end sitting next to each other in the back garden.... Every once in a while they would nuzzle each others ear or lick each others face.... They were as devoted to each other as they were to us.... Thank you

  5. That last picture of the "boys" is so sweet. I can see Tyler waiting for Toby on the other side of the bridge.

  6. Not a dry eye in the house, what a sad but lovely doggy tale.

  7. Hugz to your brother for his loss!!

  8. Lots of Hugz in the loss of Toby and Tyler! I am not looking forward to the day when my baby boy crosses rainbow bridge. I love the pics of them! I got to meet a welsh corgi several years ago, they are so cute!

    I hope your brother gets another pet to fill his life!
    Hugz Blondie

  9. Thank you all for the kind words and comments regarding our loss of Toby and Tyler.... We thought we would wait to get another dog... But... We went to Shannara kennels here in phoenix the other day... Just to get a Corgi fix. Instead of putting our name in for a puppy(due in eight weeks) we met and fell in love with a six year old tricolor Corgi named "Baeligh" a truly gentle creature that reminded us of both Toby and Tyler ... She will be coming home to us in about a week.... Photos to follow....