Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The Well Traveled Path

Yes, dear Lord that would be another canine member of our family padding her soft feet across the Rainbow Bridge, treat her well and give her our love as she meets up with Tyler and Toby.

It has been a heck of time for canine members of our family.  Just three days after my twin brother told me that his corgi, Toby had passed in his sleep, my younger brother e-mailed that he had gone home at noon from work to let his senior black lab, Shadow out for her afternoon constitution and found she had passed in her sleep as well.  If my memory suits me, she was at least fifteen years old, which is very good for a very large dog as herself.  I remember the day my brother called and asked if I would like to drive to Eugene and visit a kennel where he was thinking of buying a pup for his two children Carly and Nick.  On the trip down I told him all the tell-tale attributes that he was to look for in making a proper pick and keeping in mind his children getting the best dog to grow up with.  It was a wonderful kennel at a large country home and we were greeted by the owner and several senior labs. I love to see this because that means they keep their dogs as family members and not just a business. We soon went to the barn where the puppies had just finished eating.  There were so many puppies rolling and tumbling about trying to be the first to reach us.  All the words of advice on picking the right puppy went out the door as Carly and Nick let the puppy pick them.  Shadow, as she was named was the best fit as she soon let us know and was loved by all of us, greeting us all at holiday meals, lumbering after the children when they played on the back lawn, fetched tennis balls until you thought her lungs would give out.  She did her job well, danced with joy when her children were happy, sulked under a black cloud when her children were sad.  But most important of all she was always there.

Your soft brown eyes and big wet boober nose will be missed by all of us.