Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Bucket List

One thing about growing up in a military family there is a certain amount of forced idle time.  By forced I mean sitting in the back seat of the family car with ones' siblings while traveling many, many, many miles to ones' new home.  On one such occasion I decided to start a list of all the places, things and people etc. to experience, my bucket list.  This particular trip was a family vacation that would include Paris France......hmmm....what do I want to do in Paris?  I know!!  Spit off the Eiffel Tower.....Now in my defense I was a very young teen.  Paris was and is a very confusing city and we were very lost and no one in the family spoke a bit of French, but we did manage to stumble on to the Eiffel Tower, but by then my mother was such a nervous mess that as we approached she said we would not be getting out of the car so, "Take a good look" and off we drove.  Good thing there was an eraser on my pencil because I made my first check mark next to what now read, "See the Eiffel Tower".
There were a few things on my list that age and wisdom brought me to my senses and I have either altered or deleted such as fly a plane.... I am petrified of heights.  Climb Mt. Kilimanjaro.....oh... there is that heights thing again and you know....a big hill is just fine.....check.   Go Bowling....?
At dinner with friends the subject came up and I just happened to mention that I not only have never bowled but knew nothing of the sport....er... game.


Loud clank of silver being dropped on the table.

"You have never?"


"Well get your calendar out because we are going for your birthday."

So that is how "Go Bowling" got checked off my bucket list.

Our usual partners in crime....Princess Jan and Brian Barlow, MeMa and birthday boy sporting our bowling shoes.

Brian was cruel enough to make an announcement (thus the cheerleaders) that I just turned 61 and this was my first time bowling.

Think that Tommy Bahama shirt makes a great bowling shirt don't you?

So guys??? What does it mean when I knock down all those white thingies???? Strike? I got two more in that game and won by one point.

This photo doesn't do it justice but MeMa had the cutest little hippity hoppity dance before plonking her ball down

The food was quite good and of course there was plenty of adult beverages.

I lost the next two games but we had a wonderful time and enjoyed the whole experience immensely.  Thank you Jan and Brian.


  1. Well, good for you, and happy belated birthday.

  2. Yes, happy birthday from me as well.

  3. If someone offered to take me bowling for my birthday, I'd never speak to them again!

  4. Congratulations and a belated Happy Birthday!
    Here's to many more. ♥ :-)