Thursday, September 9, 2010

Part Six Menagerie Manor....."Say Cheese"!

Our youngest son Ian was soon to leave for college so on his birthday I took lots of Pictures. The Manor was packed with friends and family, a few of them with cameras as well. So it was no surprise that our camera came up missing, assuming that someone mistook it for their own and it would be returned soon. Days went by and no camera, so we called the list of guests and still no camera. We turned the house upside down looking for the camera, Mema said it was probably Lucy but we sort of forgot about it as there were a lot of things going on with getting Ian checked into dorm life and all. Summer came and "Moms Weekend" had arrived so Mema went to Corvallis and picked up Ian, they were driving down to Eugene where our oldest son Nathan was living and the three were to have a night of it. I at the time had just arrived home and sitting in the parlor I called Mema. I told her to be sure to take pictures to which she replied "I would, except Lucy took the camera". We both said in unison "Lucy, I wish you would bring the camera back". I then left the house to attend a fund raiser for the Community Gardens. On my return I entered the parlor and was facing the chair I had been sitting in talking to Mema when we made the request of Lucy, and there sitting in the chair was the camera, missing all these months. I was shaking when I called Mema to tell her the news.
Tomorrow......"Lucy Has a Tantrum".

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