Monday, September 6, 2010

Part Two Menagerie Manor.......Lucy Warner

The young couple had by now moved all their belongings into the green bungalow and it was fast becoming the home they dreamed of owning. The young wife said "It had everything she had on her list of must haves that would make a house their home". Big front porch that they could sit on and enjoy life as it went by. A large fireplace in the parlor, the built-in's and all the fancy leaded glass throughout the rooms. The young husband was especially thrilled with the over sized lot that the house was surrounded by. The previous owner was a twice widowed lady by the name of Lucy Warner. She married late in life so had no children and the house was built by her father as his retirement home. He was a local builder in town and was planning on spending his last years sitting on the big front porch which at the time looked over open country with a couple of homes that dotted the landscape. Unfortunately one of his competitors purchased the property next to his and built his home just far enough forward so that Lucy's father's view from his front porch was blocked. This angered him so much that he gave the house to his daughter Lucy who lived there until the day the young couple purchased it. Lucy knew she could no longer live safely in the old house with so many stairs so she decided it was time to sell her beloved home to a new family. There were several offers on the home but one offer intrigued her. The young couple both had written a short letter to Lucy stating that they understood her love for the house and loved the fact that the house had been kept in most of its original state. And she noted an added statement from the young husband, that he was an avid gardener and was thrilled with the blank slate the property presented him. That he had big plans for a wonderful landscape. Although the young couple offered the asking price it was the lowest of all bids. Lucy went with the young couple; perhaps she could feel that they had her houses best interest at heart.
About a month after they took ownership the young husband was busy working in the front yard. He had just stood up to look at his handy work when he noticed a large car parked in the street, its occupants watching intently.
 The male was middle aged sitting in the front drivers seat and in the back seat was an elderly woman. The young husband held up his hand to say hello and the driver opened the window. He introduced himself and then introduced his great aunt Lucy Warner. The young husband was thrilled to meet her and invited them in. Lucy thanked him but declined and said she was happy the young couple had gotten the house, the house she loved for so many years. Several months went by when one of the neighbors had informed the young couple that shortly after Lucy's visit to the house she had passed away. Life went on for the young couple in the green bungalow, the house had life, it seemed to always be a happy life, and everything came together, even the little things. On their first anniversary in the old house the young wife gave her husband an antique gold pocket watch. The young husband was anxious to wear it but needed a fob to go with it. But because of its age it was hard to match the color. A short time after he received the watch he was crawling on hands and knees in one of the attics when a glint caught the beam of his flashlight. He crawled over to where he saw it and picked up a gold watch fob. He carried it downstairs and brought out the gold pocket watch, the colors matched exactly, as thought the two belonged together. As the young husband admired the watch and chain the memory of Lucy Warner flashed through his head, he smiled and quietly thanked the old woman.

Tomorrow..... Now You See it, Now You Don't

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