Saturday, September 4, 2010

Part One - Menagerie Manor.......The Begining

Ok, I have had several e-mails from followers asking about my earlier brief mention of a resident ghost at Menagerie Manor so I have attempted to give you some details in the next postings. I have broken it down to seven posts so as not to bore you too badly.

October 31, 1976,
Halloween night finds the young couple in separate houses waiting for the nights festivities. The young wife cozy'd up for the evening in the little rental house they have been living in for the first two years of their marriage. The young husband with his two fearless canine companions (Basset Hounds) Rosy and Sherman, shivering alone in the recently purchased 1916 green bungalow. The house is large and void of any furnishings, dark because someone took all bulbs out of the fixtures, cold because the furnace company had drained the oil tank. The young husband and two fearless canine sat huddled on the floor for warmth waiting for the trick-or-treaters to start arriving. The problem with that is the house sat empty for a while and the entire neighborhood knew it. After a couple of undisturbed hours the young husband decides to retrieve the kitchen swinging door that he saw stored in the basement on an earlier visit. He planned on reinstalling it as a surprise for his young wife. He called to his trusty hounds and after getting them all excited for an adventure he opened the basement door and flipped on the light switch........nothing! Undaunted by the dark he said to his companions "Come you hounds lets go down, we are not afraid of the dark". Both of the fearless dogs backed up and barked at the dark and then turned and ran. The young husband felt a cool flush of air pass by him that sent chills down his spine; he quickly slammed the door and slid the bolt. Suddenly the doorbell sounded at the front door, the young husband happily flung open the door and dumped the entire bowl of candy into the bag held open by a pint sized Batman. The next scene is the young couple sitting in the parlor of the rental house eating popcorn and waiting for the next bunch of trick-or-treaters to come to the door. The young husband was telling the young wife that he could swear that more than just cold air passed by him on that basement stairwell.
Tomorrow.......Lucy Warner.


  1. Ohhhh...I love a ghost story! I can't wait to hear more!

  2. Awesome!
    I had something similar happen to me in Alaska, when I was stationed at Clear Air Force Station. I had taken a nap in my dorm room and something sat down on the bed and shook me awake. It wasn't cold, but I definitely remember the sensation and waking up rather quickly!

    Hope you're all having a wonderful holiday weekend! :)

  3. I love stories about "cosmic forces" and can't wait for the next part...I just hope I can sleep now! That's the problem when I read things like this and I'm by myself because my husband is working--I lose all my courage! :-)

  4. Kim, sleep well for we have lived with her peacefully and happy for all these many years. I don't want anyone to lose sleep on this one. I won't go on or I will spoil the fun