Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Part Five Menagerie Manor......"Lucy Calling"

(From a letter to my twin brother in Texas, dated Dec. 14, 2004)

Just have to tell you about the latest Lucy episode, she is sending me pages now! Last week I was working a graveyard shift with the students. On Monday I normally take Mema to work in the AM and then go out to my office in Gresham. Then I pick her up at night because she works a double shift at Benson High School. Since I was working late at night that week I told her that when she got home at 9:30 to just page me so I would know she got home safely. Well I received the page at about 9:30 and at that time I was taking a dinner break and decided that I would call and thank her for the page and see how her night was. When I called the house I got the answering machine and figured she had taken the dogs out for a walk, so I left her a message thanking her for the page and to have a nice evening. In five minutes I received another page from the home number so I called her right back but again no answer, so I left her a message to call my cell phone. Seconds later she called and sounded pretty upset and said that when she was walking into the house after work she was hearing the last part of the message that I left her. At first she thought I was playing a joke on her and that it wasn't funny. I told her that at 9:30 I had received a page from the house number and then another page five minutes later from the house number. We both just sat in silence for a few seconds trying to think of a good explanation.......very funny more phone privileges!
Tomorrow......"Say Cheese"!


  1. Lucy just wanted you to hurry up and get home! I have really enjoyed you Lucy stories! I love all ghostly things! I hope you will keep us updated on future Lucy happenings!

  2. Bwahahahaha!!!!! Sorry. Couldn't help but laugh. Hope you did too. Thanks so much for the update. :)