Monday, September 6, 2010

Part Three: Menagerie Manor....... "Now You See It, Now You Don't"

Some people would have balked at signing the paperwork for a big investment such as home ownership on the 13th day of the month and taking ownership on Halloween day. But the young couple found it amusing. They had been happily living in the green bungalow for four years and had some strange things happen such as little household items disappearing and then reappearing in rooms that the item would never have been placed in. One particular item was a beautiful blue star sapphire ring with diamonds on the side; it disappeared out of its usual spot in the young wife's jewelry box. By this time Lucy's ghost had been discussed and every time something would disappear the young couple would say out loud "Lucy I wish you would bring that back". A couple of weeks later the ring reappeared sitting on a side table in the dinning room. The young couple laughed but were just glad they got it back. There had been several times when in the evening the young couple would be watching television and a cold chill would pass through the room. One of dogs or cats would rise up from a sound sleep and stare into the room as though they were watching someone. Another time the young couple sat at the dining room table with friends playing a board game, the instructions were sitting on the table next to the young wife as the game was new and they had to keep referring to the rules. The guest couple were arguing loudly about some rule and the young wife was asked to look it up but when she reached to where the sheet had been laying it was gone. They searched everywhere and could not find it. No one had gotten up from the table until then. They all laughed and said it was probably Lucy, maybe she didn't like the loud arguing. Once again they laughed at the thought and said "Lucy I wish you would bring that back". Several weeks later the young couple were rearranging the dining room and moved a tall free standing china closet away from the wall and behind it standing against the wall was the instructions to the board game.

Tomorrow........"Lucy Gets Even"


  1. Hi Ralphy.... I was so happy when I signed on and found that you have decided to document these stories. That way Lucy's story is now history! I am looking forward to more!
    Love you Big Bwudda!

  2. Hi Little Bwudda,
    That is the whole idea of this blog, get it all documented! Of course as you know there was a lot of Lucy incidence's but these will give the readers idea of what we have experienced.
    Love from your Older, Wiser, and Better Looking Big Bwudda :o)

  3. This sure beats ghostly voices on the telephone. ;)