Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Part Four Menagerie Manor......."Lucy Gets Even"

The young couple had two son's who grew up knowing Lucy's presence but understood that she seemed to be friendly and liked them living in her house.
The young couple decided they needed more room in their bungalow which was now painted its current colors of brown and red. The home was also known as Menagerie Manor, a title given the old house by a group of school teachers that brought their student several times a year on outings to see and learn about all the animals and birds that came here to recuperate and when well were returned to the wild or were made to live comfortably at the Manor. Construction began on the old home that would double its size. The day the workers tore off the entire back end of the house strange things started to happen. One day the foreman was on a tall ladder when he said he was pushed hard from the ladder and broke his leg in several places, he would never return to the job. Things went slowly after that episode. After the construction was finished the Manor had a total of thirteen rooms. Lucy seemed to like it, her humor returned as more small objects would disappear and when she was asked she would return them.
Tomorrow......."Lucy Calling"