Friday, October 29, 2010

From The Garden History Book - Monkey Pod Tree

On our 2007 trip to Oahu we visited the Iolani Palace. After touring the inside we went on a self guided tour of the grounds. In the very upper left of this photo you can see a bit of the leaves from the giant Monkey Pod tree planted in the front lawn of the palace . I was taking pictures of  some of the plants and noticed that there were a great number of pods laying in the lawn under this giant old tree, so I slipped one into my camera case. After arriving home from our trip I planted a couple of the seeds and two of them germinated. One dried up while still in the sprout stage, but the other one continued to grow. I pull it out of the pot every couple of years and trim the roots in order to maintain it as an indoor bonsai tree. I keep it in the greenhouse during the summer months and then bring it to my office for the winter.

Albizia saman "Monkey Pod Tree"

Not your usual office plant material


  1. That is really neat. You sure do have a green thumb!

  2. HELLO!!! Somehow I've missed your last several posts and am caught up now! (I've got to pay better attention!) But I also gathered some seed pods this summer from where my Grandfathers house used to stand in KY, and I hope that a tree will grow from one of them--Your post has given me a little hope that just maybe they will!

    I hope you're having a great weekend!!!

  3. Kim, May I ask what kind of seeds are they? Sometimes there is a trick to getting seeds to germinate such as a freeze or scoring the seed case.