Thursday, October 7, 2010

October ??

Miss Betty says "its October, time to get that garden calendar out".


Our Sophie, always willing to lend a hand er paw.

The Koi are looking great after their near death experience while we were on holiday

First task done, Halloween decorations up.

Since the addition of grandchildren into our lives we have had to tone down the Halloween decorations, so just a few pumpkins and a nice potted plant will meet with their approval. The full sized mannequin dressed as a witch and the scarecrow sitting in the glider met with screams and tears from the little terrorists, so those decorations are hidden away for later years.

.......if Charlotte here brings tears then she will crawl back into the attic as well.

October Calendar

Lawn  - Apply last application of fertilizer. Keep lawn trimmed and raked of leaves before winter rains start.

Geraniums - Before the nights get cold move them into the garden house.

Roses  - Let hips form, no pruning other than to keep shape.

Tomatoes  - Pick and wrap in tissue paper. Store in coll dry place.

Bulbs  - Time to plant for indoor use.

Orchids  - Apply liquid iron.

Evergreens  - This is an excellent time to transplant evergreens.

Christmas Cactus  - Move into the garage under dim light; water only enough to avoid wilt - when a few pinpoint size buds appear, (in 2-4 weeks) then water normally. Bring indoors and make sure they don't get any light after 6 p.m. - if not possible then cover the plant at night. Should bloom for the holiday.

Houseplants  - Move houseplants indoors. Leave Cymbidium Orchids outside until Thanksgiving as long as temp. stays above 32 degrees. (they need a cold snap to set bloom)

Hydrangeas  - Remove only dead wood and old bloom, otherwise don't touch!

*  Bring in outdoor furniture and garden ornaments for winter storage.

*  Water change on pond and check salt level


  1. Busy, busy, busy around there! The decorations(and doggies) are cute!

  2. ~WHEW!!~ I thought that spider was real and your luck wasn't going to hold out after all!

  3. Hope you all have a great weekend, Doc!

  4. Love the decorations. I am behind in putting mine up! I will put that on my list to do today.