Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Still Alive and Kickin

I'm still alive and "kickin", I have had a good time reading every-one's blogs but have had little time to post anything of my own.
Every October our two son's and the lovely Mema would leave their spouses and go on a mother and son's "road trip" for Mema's birthday. This year they decided to stay at Great Wolf Lodge, which is an indoor water park that for the most part is geared to children but there are many adventures for the adults as well. Mema decided to change things up a bit and asked that I join them this adventure. Our oldest son came down with a horrible sore throat the day of the trip so was a bit under the weather but managed to join in for a portion of the fun, but by the evening of the first day was miserable so went straight to bed. The evening was still young, Ian our youngest found a shuttle service from the Lodge to the local Casino, so at 11:00 pm Ian and Mema hopped on the shuttle and I stayed behind to keep the ailing Nathan company.  At 3:00 am the two gamblers strolled back to the lodge with their winnings, Ian flopped into bed exhausted but Mema had consumed enough casino coffee to keep an army awake. She tossed and turned for a time when we decided that breakfast was the alternative of choice. After a hardy breakfast Mema and I dressed in our swim attire and returned to the water park while our two son's relaxed in the lounge. We went on every slide including the "howling tornado" which sucks you into a whirl pool and then after tossing you back and forth drops you ten feet before shuttling you down the last portion of the slide and into the pool were an attendant grabs the corner of your raft and guides you to the edge of the pool. I'm sure we brought some chuckles to the staff as our son's sat on the bench sipping their coffee's while their somewhat agile parents screamed and laughed down the next water slide.


  1. Well, it was good that you went with them. I hope your son is feeling better.
    Congrats to Mema on winning anything. :)
    Hope you all had a great time. It sounds like you did. :)

  2. Hope your son is feeling much better. Sounds like a good time was had (by most). That water slide sounds fun!

    Have a great weekend!