Thursday, October 28, 2010

A Tree Grows For Brooklyn

"It was way too small of a house", "There was so much yard work". These are the type of things said this past weekend as the whole family all joined forces and helped move my oldest son and his family out of the house they called home for almost three years, and into a rental house.

It was a cute little Bungalow with a huge yard. It needed lots of work and the yard was sadly neglected but it was in a great neighborhood that they enjoyed very much. But they paid far too much for the house and when the economy went south the value of the property dropped to half its original value. So they went the "short sale" route in order to get out from under the payments. Life! The new place is basically in the same neighborhood, has about twice the room in it, very immaculate and has a thumb print back garden big enough for the little terrorist's sand box and a few other things. They both look relaxed and comfortable for the first in a long time.
After the move I returned to the now vacant bungalow to check around the place and make sure nothing was overlooked. I passed through the back gate and came around the corner leading into the garden and there it stood calling out for help. Brooklyn's tree, his birth tree.

Brooklyn was born at home, a water birth in the living room, in a large pool. After the birth they buried the placenta in the yard and planted a white birch over it to commemorate the birth.

Brooklyn's tree transplanted

 I called Grace who was ecstatic that I was going to dig Brooklyn's tree and give it a new permanent residence at Menagerie Manor. It is almost in line with the Giant Sequoya that I planted 28 years ago to commemorate the birth of our two son's. ( Post from 2/03/2010- "History of Our Redwood")


  1. It was so great that the tree was still small enough to transplant, it would have been a shame to have it left behind!

  2. Hi Melodie,
    It was such a heavy day for the family so there was no way I was going to leave it. I really don't need another tree in the garden but sometimes you just have to make do.

  3. what a lovely memory to have doc, though I do hope for your sake that it isn't another giant redwood!

  4. That's really good to hear. Congratulations on being able to save it for the family. :)