Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Yes Dear!

Have I mentioned that I love my wife? After 36 years of marriage she is not only still my wife but she is also my best friend, so that combination pretty much seals the deal when it comes to not questioning the thought process of some of the situations she puts me in. When a mood changes or an idea strikes, we just join ranks and get the deed done. Have I also mentioned that my wife is very superstitious? Yesterday morning she was rushing around getting ready to start her day, cries of woe emanated from her bathroom. The worst of the worst just happened she broke a mirror.

Not only is that seven years bad luck but the darn thing fell from the wall, that meant someone we know was going to die! " We have to stop this". My first instinct was to just simply take the mirror and toss it into the trash, give her a big hug and tell her it is just a silly superstition. When it comes to Mema there are times when I have to go with my second or third instinct ....if I don't want to become the death in the family. So what did we do........

First.......she spun three times counter-clockwise. This will confuse the bad luck spirits.

Second.........She tossed salt over her left shoulder because the devil is always standing behind you on the left so the salt should hit him in the eye which will distract him from making trouble for you. Well of course it would!

Third.......Hold mirror under running water in order to wash the evil away.

Fourth.......Press a shard of the mirror against a headstone, this will transfer the bad luck to the dead whom I hope don't mind.....because they are already dead.

And last but not least......dig a hole under the light of the moon..........

.............and bury the mirror.

Nut cases? Or Superheroes fighting evil before it happens, hmmmm?


  1. I'd say that pretty well takes care of the dastardly beggars ;)
    I knew about the salt over the left shoulder, but the others are new to me.
    Just hope I don't need to try them !

  2. Wow! With all that surely all the bad is warded off!

  3. I'm not really superstitious, but have to admit that I think those same things when something happens...But now that you've done everything, lets hope it works--Let us know!! Hope your day is off to a good start!!!

  4. Here I thought you were going to tell us Lucy was involved. ;)
    But, I do appreciate this. I am going to bookmark it, just in case...

  5. I have no doubt that Lucy was somewhere in the dark laughing at us ;o)