Tuesday, November 2, 2010

2nd Annual Halloween Parade

Two years ago neighbor and artist Ann Storres asked if I would be interested in growing some giant pumpkins as she was offered seeds from a professional grower. I offered to start them in my greenhouse and successfully raised a couple of flats full. Ann planted several experimental hills of the starts in her front garden. As the giant pumpkins started to appear in the mounds they started attracting a large following. We spent many an hour out talking to neighbors and complete strangers about the pumpkin project. Soon the idea of a Halloween parade came to a discussion and evolved in what we have today, one of the most fun neighborhood draws that we could have imagined. I have a friend that has lived in the same house for more then 25 years and only knows one other neighbor, that is so sad to me. I chose to stay in the city in a community oriented neighborhood, it is also a very diversified neighborhood that we all take pride in.

The Pumpkin Queen
Artist and neighbor
Ann Storres

Giant Pumpkin
Not as big as last years but we had very little growing season this year.
Most everyone came in costume.
The marchers were led by a young trombonist who played "When the Saints Go Marching In" as it was the only complete tune he knew.

The rain held off for the parade.
We had over forty marchers.

Next year we are going to award trophy's for different categories of pumpkins and costumes.


After the parade which started at 5:00 pm, the trick-or-treaters started making their visits. Our son's and their family's came over for several bowls of MeMa's homemade clam chowder which has been the traditional Halloween meal of our family, yummmmm!


  1. What fun! There are advantages to living in nice neighborhoods, guess we could have had a farm parade with the goats!

  2. Melodie
    Yea, good luck organizing those goaties :o)

  3. I agree, how fun! I love the photos that have given me a grin to start my day!!

  4. what a lovely idea Doc, and I'm sure a great boost for your community too!

  5. I think it's great when people get together like that. Its quite sad to think that someone can live somewhere for 25 years and hardly know anyone.

  6. What a fantastic day. We love clam chowder! Wish I could have been there. :)

    Have a great week!