Thursday, November 18, 2010

Office Staff

Ten years ago I suggested to the office staff that we create a more homey atmosphere for ourselves. I suggested plants and an aquarium, the plants were easy since I had a large collection at home. Everyone said they liked the idea of an aquarium so we pooled our money and off I went to the local aquarium store and filled the car with all that I would need. I was advised by the shop owner to purchase just one inexpensive fish to "test the waters", a sacrificial fish if you please. When setting up a new aquarium one almost always has a few losses and since this aquarium was going to be monitored by a bunch of folks that would be a bit of a handful if there were any great losses I agreed with the shop owner and purchased one small orange fan-tailed Lion head Oranda (fancy goldfish). She didn't look like much but the staff soon fell in love with her and I kept praying that I set everything up correctly and she would survive the whole process.

That was ten years ago and the little lion-head has grown to quite the flamboyant office entertainer.

A couple of weeks ago it was brought to my attention that our finny staff member was still the only finny staff member in a very large aquarium. So once again I went to the store and we now have a new member of our staff.

Not as flamboyant as the old girl but they hit it off well these two staff members. I was also informed that they should have names......any ideas would be taken into consideration.

Name The Staff Members


  1. "The Old Maid" or "Miss Spinster"

    the other.....


  2. Jim,
    I was hoping you would come to the rescue, and well you did. Everyone liked "Snowball", opposites always get them. But a quick vote and they are holding out on the idea for the old girl.

  3. I like to see fish in a room. I have three goldfish in a tub in the garden. They used to be in the greenhouse but the young master wouldn't leave them alone and was always in there leaving the doors open so I had to bring them here out of the way.

  4. I like Goldy for the old girl if you haven't chosen yet. Sorry to be late replying. Still playing catch up.

    It was good you only had one at the start. Most people put as many as the tank will hold and that's why the fish die. A sudden overload of bacteria introduced into a basically sterile environment. Of course accidents can still happen. Glad to hear both fish are getting along well!