Wednesday, October 31, 2012

With a Big Heave Ho Up She Goes

Yesterday it was decided that this years giant Pumpkin needed to be snipped from the vine and ready it for the Fourth Annual Neighborhood Giant Pumpkin Parade. Neighbor and local artist Ann Storrs collaborated with her husband Mel an accomplished Master woodcrafter and came up with a cart and ramp so that all that remained was the gathering of muscle.
One thing that is never lacking in our neighborhood is enthusiasm for situations as this and it wasn't long before we amassed a small group of pumpkin pushers and pullers.
The first job was to flip the behemoth over and onto the ramp which was coated in a nice wax so as to keep the momentum going once it was in place on the ramp. Then Mel and I wrapped the large nylon straps around it and pulled while the rest of the group pushed.
2012 Giant pumpkin safely on its cart and in Ann's studio. The next job will be done in private...Carving the beast!

Little Terrorist #2 Brooklyn and I went to my mother and fathers house to retrieve our pumpkin entry which my parents have been babying along.
Not exactly a behemoth but at least it didn't take the entire neighborhood to load it up.



  1. makes my lot look like a peanut( unsmily face)

    1. They are a pain to grow, most of the seeds are not viable and if you do have success they take a ton of nutrients.

  2. Replies
    1. Yes and this one is small compared to some I have seen

  3. Maybe you should name them Mutt and Jeff, or Oliver and Hardy or some such.
    Congratulations and good luck, Doc! :o)

  4. I sowed a few seeds of MONSTER pumpkins this year, but the hot dry summer meant that I harvested tiny ones. They also weigh almost nothing, so I guess they'll also be empty.