Thursday, October 18, 2012

Family Time, The Best Gift

There were a few moments that I thought the beach house was going to blow off the side of the cliff but the rain that was supposed to fall consisted of typical Oregon misty rain.  It was the wind that made the rain miserable because it blew it sideways so that no matter which way one turned it would smack you in the face.  It rained enough of the time that the house remained full with six adults, five children and the dogs, a true test of it's good construction.  When the rain let up we all scrambled to get down to the beach to let the children run and dig in the sand.  We managed to make one day at low tide and did a little exploring among the rocks.  I told the "Little Terrorists" that I would pay them a dollar for every piece of beach glass they managed to find, so the excitement was high as they searched in the sand. Not one piece of glass was found but as I was wondering over the rocky surf I discovered several starfish which I introduced to the Little Terrorists before carefully replacing in their watery hiding places.

Little Terrorist #1 Taeya loved this little bright pink starfish

Adrianne with the starfish.

Our eldest son Nathan has brought three of the most wonderful young ladies into our lives, his significant other Jackie and her two daughters Aúngelle and Adrianne.

Aúngelle with the starfish just prior to its safe release. 
Taeya loves having two older "cousins" to play with.
Uncle Ian giving quality time to Little Terrorist #2 Brooklyn and "the princess" Ninja
"Little Terrorist" #3 Lucy is cutting teeth so made a rough night for Mommy Jill and Daddy Ian
Hard to call them Little Terrorists at moments like this
After everyone sang Happy Birthday to MeMa and ate some cake, Little Terrorist #2 Brooklyn was quite concerned that she had no gifts to open, to which she said, "The best gift was the pleasure of his company." I don't think he quite understood, but some day my dear grandson you too will learn to cherish a birthday weekend surrounded by those you love most.


  1. Wonderful post, Doc.
    Hope you all have a blessed weekend. ♥

  2. What wonderful memories you made that I know will be treasured for a lifetime!

  3. Awesome pics Doc! You have a beautiful family!!

  4. Awesome pics Doc! You have a beautiful family!!!