Sunday, October 7, 2012

Last Harvest

For having been a slow to come summer. we certainly had a great harvest this year. We have canned, dried and frozen everything that was taken from the garden and still were able to give boxes and bags full of vegetables to friends and family who don't have the benefit of a garden.
This is one days harvest of tomato's.  "I do solemnly promise never to plant thirteen tomato plants."

I planted two varieties of potato's this year, so the root cellar is full

We have seven espaliered fruit trees, all maintained at six feet which give us enough fruit in a good year without any waste.  MeMa has put these Granny Smith to good use in pies and this weekend we will be slicing the remainder and freezing them for future pies.
The top half of this box are Fuji apples and the bottom are a Liberty/Emla cross

One crop that has done wonderful this year is cucumbers.  They have been so sweet as well,  not a bitter cuke in the lot.
I had plans of drying herbs this year,  we have made good use of most such as this basket of basil that MeMa added to the brochette.  There are still a couple of rows in the garden that could be dried but do I really want to drag that food drier back out of the cupboard?????


  1. Awesome harvest. Congratulations, Doc! You all have a great week!

    P.S. Have you tried drying in the oven, or maybe hanging them in the basement? Don't know if either would work though.

    1. Thanks Linda,
      The dehydrator seems to work the best, the oven takes so much more electricity and MeMa would probably flip if she found bundles of herbs drying in the basement, as it is one of the main living areas of our house. i have hung them in the garden house but they soon became web covered bundles of bugs.

  2. My over production of Basil becomes Pesto (made with Walnuts, of course). It keeps well.

    I too put in about 18 Tomato plants this year. I've been throwing away Tomatoes ever since.

    1. That pesto sounds good, would you be so kind as to share your recipe?

    2. I rather play it by ear. A handful of Walnuts, a handful of Basil, a couple of cloves of Garlic, plenty of Olive Oil, and half a handful of freshly grated Parmesan. This alters depending on what I have the most of. But when tossed into Spaghetti, it always tastes good.