Friday, November 2, 2012

Fourth Annual Giant Pumpkin Parade

As community spirit goes.......well lets just say it was high with squealing children, barking dogs and laughing adults.  Five pm was the witching hour on 62nd Avenue.  All the side streets were soon filled with droves of residents all walking down to neighbor Ann Storrs large courtyard, the gathering place for marchers in the parade.

Most everyone wore a costume of some sort including this butterfly duo.
 A bit of brown nosing when the Royals showed up.

It took some bribes but we got our family to pose before heading to Ann's.

This years Pumpkin was hidden away in Ann's studio, so as the drive and courtyard in front filled with marchers as the behemoth made its unveiling.


First a Kodak moment and then the march got underway.

Everyones favorite MeMa didn't have enough hands to hold and carry parasoles.

Little Terrorist #2 Brooklyn was an impressive Ghost Buster.

There are other pumpkins in the parade but none compared to the giant.

After the parade and before the Little Terrorists were turned loose for Tricks-or-Treats we all headed back to Menagerie Manor for a meal of MeMa's homemade clam chowder and big loaves of her delicious rustic bread.  The weather held out for the children and not a drop of rain until the lights were turned out.
One more picture and then it was time for two old poops to turn in for the night.


  1. that massive pumpkin is bigger than my car!

  2. I love the pumpkin--But what great fun, and what great memories you've made!!!

  3. What a great design job to the pumpkin!

    Any chance that MeMa might be persuaded to share her clam chowder recipe?

    Looks like a great time was had by all! Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!