Monday, July 26, 2010

Wisteria "Cook's Special", just doin it's thing....again.

Back in my April 22nd 2010 post I wrote that my Wisteria blooms three times a year, that April date being the first bloom date. I thought I would give ongoing proof to the pudding and post the second bloom. Here it its, and it is surprisingly heavy for the second.


  1. I LOVE wisteria. The property we just acquired from the brother-in-law had a beautiful growth of wisteria. Maybe 30 feet tall. Sadly, the property has been so ill cared for in the last couple decades that it appears it is no longer there. :(
    Lost a huge crepe myrtle to termites, of all things, and a pecan tree just disappeared completely!
    We've replaced the pecan tree, though it will be years before it grows to what was there; and we'll replace the crepe myrtle, but I definitely want to replace the wisteria. I hope we can find one that will bloom like yours. :) I think the smell is heaven!

  2. Hi Linda,
    It is Wisteria Sinensis "Cooks Special", I highly recommend it for both fragrance and an abundance of bloom.