Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Garlic crop for 2010

Tied in bundles of twenty bulbs to dry for two to three weeks before cleaning.
After the second week I will take a bulb down and cut the stem as low to the bulb as possible, if it is dry then they are ready for cleaning and use. If the stems show any green then they are not ready and remain hanging. These are "Purple Glazier" from "Hood River Garlic Farm". I originally ordered five different variety of soft neck and hard neck but this seemed to do better then the rest and kept longer as well.

I usually pick out the plumpest five or so to store for planting in November. Such an easy crop to grow. Not only adds flavor to meals but the health benefits go without saying.


  1. I've never understood the difference between hard neck and soft neck, but this garlic (hard neck?) looks great!

  2. Hi Linda,
    The stalk of soft-necked garlic is pliable and soft at maturity. The stalk of hard-necked garlic is stiff at maturity.

    Soft-necked garlic is strong flavored and stores well because it has several protective outer layers of papery skin.

    Hard-necked garlic is mild tasting and best used soon after harvest since it has only a few layers of papery skin and thus keeps poorly.

  3. Thanks for the explanation, Doc! I understand it now. Will make a note to remember this as well. :)