Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Tomato Update

We are now picking fruit about every other day, and the plants have outgrown their frames. This next weekend I will run some long bamboo canes down the sides of the frames for added support.

They don't look like much, but since harvesting the garlic from this small bed I planted some of the Basil I grew in the greenhouse and one clump of English Cucumber and an Armenian foot long Cucumber as well.


  1. Sounds good. Good luck with them!

  2. I grew the Armenian cucumber last year and it was a heavy producer. Some of mine twisted and turned making for some unique looking cukes.

  3. Linda,
    Thanks, kinda late in the season but I hate empty garden space.

    The tag said they would be twisted, so I thought that might be fun so gave it a go.

  4. I grew the Armenian last year too...I should have this year...don't know why I didn't!