Thursday, July 1, 2010

Room Available?

Next to my love of gardening is my love and devotion to animals, and it is because of that love that our home became known to the local populous as Menagerie Manor. And because of the constantly fluctuating population of said creatures the local primary schools came to our home annually as a field trip to see and hear about the latest residence at the Manor. A hectic day for Mema and I but a day the children looked forward too every year. That was quite a few years ago. The house is still called Menagerie Manor, and those children have grown but every once in while one of them will stop by for a visit. There is still a large permanent population of creatures and any that come for care now find a new forever home after they are well. Last night at about 10:30 I received a call from the Light rail control office asking if we would accept a Tortoise that one of their Rail personnel found hiking up one of the local highways, we of course did not say no. He seems quite healthy and is eating well, but because we already have two very old and permanent resident tortoises I had to house this one in the greenhouse. I have contacted the local Tortoise rescue and they are going to help locate its previous owner, so hopefully this story will have an even happier ending.


  1. Are you believing what is happening to the wildlife in the Gulf. I'm stunned. BP should be run out of business. We will be left with the dead sea. And they are off drilling in a differnt part of the world. I am very upset over this situation.

    Did the rose cuttings survive?

  2. Hi Jim,
    So good to hear from you, did you have a grand time on your trip? The cuttings did great, healthy and strong. In fact I just potted them up into one gallon pots yesterday. Yes, this oil disaster has devastated us and it just is not going away, wildlife and the gulf is going to suffer for a very long time for the greed of mankind.