Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Rose cutting update

Back on March 3rd 2010 I received some cuttings of of the 1894 rose "Francis Dubreuil" from Jim of the Gaudy Gardner. I was able to root two of the cuttings successfully and although I usually remove any buds from first year cuttings I just thought it would be fun to let one of them bloom so I could post it. It is the most fragrant rose in my collection and one that I will be entering in the 2011 Portland Spring Rose Show. So here ya go Jim, she is growing up well in Portland Oregon!


  1. Looking good. Jim would be proud! LOL

  2. it looks good, and massive for the slender looking stem. ~bangchik

  3. I'm beaming!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Isn't the fragrance incredible! I have a cutting from a found cemetery rose someone sent me from Tennessee. When time.....I'll send you a cutting.

  4. Thanks All,
    I just came in from watering in the greenhouse and when I opened the door the fragrance hit me like a train. Yes Jim, you should be beaming, what great work you do in the preservation of these old world roses and the generosity to share with myself and others interested in these beauties from the past. I would be honored to receive any others you wish to send.

  5. may want to check with ARS on classification before you enter the rose. There has been a lot of controversy over the name and class. It is widely thought that the rose is the HT Barcelona. I'm not sure how the ARS lists the rose.

  6. Jim,
    Thanks for the heads up, The guy that puts out our Rose Society news letter is a passed President so I will contact him and get it classified before entering it.
    Thanks again,