Friday, March 27, 2020


New outdoor project that is probably going to take me a bit of time or not. I might suddenly regress into my youth, have the strength and endurance that I once had. So, like I said this project is going to take a bit of time.  I am attempting to add a waterfall to our existing koi pond. Laying the fabric down was the easy part, the hard part is adding the rock work. Over the years I have added rock to the gardens with the idea that someday I would finally add the waterfall. I have rock of every shape and size tucked away everywhere. Some of it looks really nice where it landed but it all gets moved eventually, however long it takes this old gardener to move it.
After I work my way through this pile that I pulled from behind the old chicken house...... 
There are really large ones hidden in the acanthus bed that by summers end will be completely hidden from view.
 There are large pieces of flag being used as stepping stones.
There's the dry river bed that is full of river rock and good sized boulders that are screaming to be part of the new waterfall.

There are rocks not so hidden but look great like they were just meant for that spot, so will probably remain.
 And there are rocks that I don't remember and just surprise the hell out of me when I discover them while gardening.

But it is rain in the forecast for the rest of this week and looking at our Roxy I think I will follow her lead. The rocks are not going anywhere.


  1. Looks like you are going to have plenty to keep you occupied. No rain here in the foreseeable future. No, I see a shower forecast next Saturday.

  2. Roxy definitely has the way of it, I think. The moment for the rocks will come when it comes. :)
    They are some very nice rocks. Perhaps they will move when someone comes by to be able to lend a hand.
    God bless, Doc.

  3. You were just one clever rock stasher. All this picture taking was for inventory location purposes.