Sunday, March 22, 2020

Shut It All Down

Mom took me for an extra long walk. Dad can you chase the squirrels out of the yard?

We have been surprised by the number of people that just don’t seem to care about the request from our Governor to stay home. I suspect next week that because of this attitude this request will become an order, like what is going on in California. Today I read that in Warrenton, a small coastal town government officials took a vote and unanimously decided to shut the town down to just residents. All tourists have been given the order vacate the town within 24 hours or they will be arrested. Managers of hotels, motels and the like were to close and order guests to leave town. 
Yesterday our youngest son, wife and our two beautiful granddaughters FaceTimed with us just to say they are well and staying home.  Our eldest son and his wife work at a large bread plant, so are considered essential. Unfortunately they have been given mandatory 11.5 hour shifts. They try to keep the six foot distance from fellow employees but say most of the time it is impossible. 
MeMa and I are doing what has been asked of us and staying home. We have a huge list of things to work on for both outdoors and indoors. We are getting plenty of exercise working on our projects and walking Roxy who surprisingly would rather sit on the back of sofa watching for squirrels.


  1. Haha. Roxy wants to stay in, also. 🙂

    Hospital called and reminded hubby of an appointment we didn't remember.
    So they apparently don't want us to stay in, as it is not a critical appointment.

    But we have been limiting where we go and how many people are within 6 feet of us.

    God bless you all, Doc.

    1. I was supposed to have two follow up appointments after my surgery but they cancelled both.

  2. They play hard and sleep hard, don't they!

  3. Poor Roxy - it looks as though he barely made it to his bed. It is getting more serious here by the day.