Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Just Another Day

It's funny how people react to isolation. We are doing great and this really hasn't changed our personal lives much, being retired. Apart from not seeing our family other than FaceTime in the evening to catch up on how things are progressing.

Our ancient Mt. Fuji Cherry is in full bloom.
Spring has truly sprung as the weather is pretty unpredictable. regardless of weather there is never a shortage of things to do. MeMa put a new message on the front porch giving the dog walkers something to read.

When taking Roxy for her morning walkies, the neighborhood was desolate, no traffic noise, no children out playing, not a sound except our footsteps. Once home MeMa made a few phone calls to friends to make sure they are all keeping well and staying in. We have not had to do any shopping and our supplies are holding well. On to the next project!


  1. The tree is gorgeous, Doc.
    And glad you are still doing well. God bless.

  2. Nice to see the spring blossom Doc.

  3. Strangely, I can hear children outside in gardens playing a lot since they closed the schools here.

  4. I've felt sad all week, looking at cars that should be gone to work.