Friday, April 3, 2020

Driving Miss Roxy

Our little Roxy insisted on a car ride today, so we obliged the fur ball. We stopped and picked up a couple of coffees to go. Earlier we noticed a message to the public on one of our local theatres which were one of the first businesses shuttered due to the Covid 19. So we decided to drive around town and see what other messages we could find. In other words we were all three quite bored.

The Aladdin
I hope some of these smaller venues will survive.

One of our favorite, the Bagdad 

The Laurelhurst -------------
The beautiful Hollywood
and it's side marquee
not a theatre marquee but thought this message on a bar was sort of humorous.


  1. It sounds as though coffee shops are still open or did you take one from home.

    1. It is a drive through shop and then we pour them in cups from home and dispose of their paper cups. Then before drinking we wipe our hands with disposable wipes. I’m expecting these facilities to be closed soon.

  2. Some of the restaurants here have closed; temporarily for now. The take out/delivery business just isn't helping them keep above water.
    Not sure if they will try for the government assistance.
    Some of those messages are pretty interesting.
    Glad you all got out for a bit.
    God bless!

  3. You are not short of theatres where you live!

  4. Especially thanks to health care workers! Thanks for the trip around Portland.