Friday, August 14, 2015

No Place Like Home

Our trip to Disneyland was wonderful partly because the weather was so perfect and when we came back home to the heat I had a busy week at the office. Home and office are air conditioned so the extreme temperatures did not bother me. MeMa's time off is drawing short so we decided that we would spend a week at the cabin. So we packed up dogs, canaries, food and clothing for a week of relaxing in the woods.
The first few days were fine and we were able to get busy on the list MeMa had made up.......
            1. Move and re-stack firewood
            2. Clean out bedding cabinet
            3. Wash windows
            4. Clean gutters and roof
The heavy winter rains washed the ground out from under the firewood stack that was kept in the front parking area.
We moved that pile to the back of the trailer and under the overhanging roof for protection from the weather and for easier accessibility. Now, old bald guys who are sent out in inclement weather for more firewood only have to tip toe across the deck, grab a log or two and back to the comfort of the fire without nary a drop of nastiness on ones bald head. The pile on the left is coming home to Menagerie Manor as they are too long for the cabin stove but perfect for our fireplace.
And just look at all that extra parking

Cleaning gutters was easier than cleaning the roof because I could stand on a stepladder and reach everything. The roof was harder and required MeMa's expert climbing skills while I stood on the deck and cheered her on. Pretty good for a 61 year ......what are we telling folks dear? I forget.....
By mid week the temperature started climbing to 107 degrees and at nine pm it was 91 in the cabin and no breeze to speak of. All I could think of was the air conditioning back at home so we packed what we would need, closed up the cabin and headed back to Portland.


  1. Window washing can always wait!
    It's nice you had great weather for your Disney jaunt!

  2. Glad you had a safe trip. Take care in the heat and God bless.

  3. It all looks great Ron and Marjie, good job

  4. Phew, the heat - nothing that I am used to! We appreciate air conditioning in the car but doubt that it will ever be necessary in our home, we've enjoyed having the warmth of the Aga throughout our 'summer'. Love the pic on MeMa on the roof, that's my kind of woman!

  5. Always enjoy your posts. Glad you had a good time at Disney. Waiting for it to cool off a bit, before I restack the wood pile. I have to make room for this winter's load.

  6. Waiting for cooler weather before I restack the remnants of last years firewood. I enjoy reading your posts. They are nice surprises when I get notified of new posts.