Monday, August 31, 2015

Clean-up On Aisle 2

Next weekend MeMa and I are hosting our annual staff party for my office, a nice low-key evening of dining and conversation in the garden. With a lot of work the gardens are looking great and especially the hardy banana which were topping out at about twelve feet. Did I say were? We had rain for the first time since June and with the rain we got wind, lots of wind. The next day the gardens and pathways were covered in debris from the Redwood and the poor banana looked as though someone had braided its leaves.

Hardy Banana as it looked before the wind.
I had no choice but to cut most of the leaves out while trying to sort through the mess.
I was quite surprised to find a flower had formed for the first time. Must have been the mild winter and long hot summer.


  1. Quite a storm and unexpected cleanup.

  2. What a shame. Do you cut it back every winter?

    1. I enclose the clump in wire netting and then pack leaves and redwood debris all the way to the top. They die down to about four feet and then when the bit above dies I cut the tops off and back fill the rest. In the spring I remove it all and they come back gang busters from the top of each trunk.