Wednesday, August 19, 2015

"Work Van"

A short time ago I posted this shot of my work van being hauled off to the auction yard, poor old thing died in its sleep....truly.....I went out the next morning to go too work and it wasn't breathing.  I loved that van, we were a good team.  MeMa tolerated us both.
While we were in Disneyland a  few weeks ago I received a call from my father...........

"Hi....this is your Dad." ( He still hasn't figured out the whole caller ID thing)

"Yes...I see are you?"

"Wonderful!"  ( he is always wonderful) " I just bought a new car"..............?..........

"That's nice.........Good for you Dad! What did you do with the Saturn? Did you use it for a trade in?"

"No....I took it to DMV and got new plates for it and all the paperwork done and I left both sets of keys on your kitchen's yours now."

My new "work van", 2009 Saturn

 He may be generous to a fault but at 82 my father has not changed one bit, still looking after his kids.
Love you lot's Pop's


  1. Could you give him my name and address please?

  2. That's so sweet, my mum is the same in both ways xx

  3. I can imagine the kind of fellow your pop is. How nice.

  4. Wonderful! What a lovely blessing.

  5. I know about caller id but your phone is an old relic and I forget it has caller ID. And it is a 2008 Saturn! Love you son, pops

  6. It could be a 2007 and I would still love it. Love you more Pops.

  7. What fun you both are. You deserve each other !