Thursday, May 8, 2014

From the Greenhouse

Brought this little gem in from the greenhouse so that we could enjoy its flaming orange flowers.
Commonly known as the peanut cactus.
Botanically known as Chamaecereus silvestrii.
Locally known as Carol's plant.
There was a brief few years in MeMa's life that she grew up with, played with and then prayed for her shirt-tail cousin Carol Minzey/Rohl.  Carol spent much of her short life in and out of the hospital because of an ailing heart.  Carol met and married Tom, bought a small home on the river only to have to leave it for the hereafter.  Carol never made it through the surgery that may have saved her life, but life does that to the young and old.
Thanks Carol, I will keep it safe.


  1. Beautiful. So glad you care for it, Doc.
    Thank you for sharing it with us. ♥

  2. Lovely plant which constantly reminds you of Carol.

  3. Beautiful looking flowers, they look very bright & cheerful. Such a sad story but I love how you remember someone through a plant. xx

  4. A great tribute to both all of you.
    We personally kept a jade tree of my brother's who died when he was 28. It lived in the front window, bloomed once, was repotted three times, eventually had the plant table to itself. One day I realized it probably had one last trip out the front door before it could never be moved again, so we donated it to the Cleveland Botanical Gardens. They took it away in a pick up truck. I need to go visit it one day.

    1. Jade trees do get very large and sprawling, I have one of my own. How nice that the Botanical Gardens would accept it.